Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mini feature - Card makers

So we promised to show you some snippets of the lovely crafters we had join us at the Crafty Craft fair last weekend, check out our last post CCF Oct Fair

So today I'm showing you some beautiful card making talent.

We had the wonderful Little Miss Sofi. Sanja has been creating beautiful cards for the past 2 years and to be honest continues to surprise and impress us with her fantastic Exploding Box Cards 

Heres some great halloween themes 

how about some great christmas themes 

We'd also love to show you Fuzz Irish Crafts. Based in Dublin, Fionnuala makes greeting cards, invitations & Notecards. Just as impressive with a unique style and elegance. 

You may remember  Little Snippets Craft Supplies from previous posts. Ger is a bit of a multi-crafter, one talent of which is card making. She brought a lovely selection of cards along to the fair last weekend. 

We love that while all 3 ladies are all card makers and super talented,  their styles are completely different. So there is something out there to cater for everyones taste which as we know can vary so much. 
We hope that maybe one these crafters has impressed you enough to jump straight over to there facebook page for a browse.

The standard of crafters at the Crafty Craft Fairs is second to none so I hope that by featuring the wonderful array of talent on our blog it will spread the word about how buying handmade Irish crafts and gifts is the only way to go! 

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