Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Morning with Little Snippets

Last Wednesday morning myself and Sinead had the pleasure of visiting Geraldine from Little Snippets Craft Supplies at her home in North Dublin.

We were warmly greeted at the door and shown into her home where we found her wonderful embroidery machine in action beavering away on some Christmas goodies.

We were then lead through the house and out beside her organic vegetable garden stood Geraldine's craft studio.What a wonderful sight!
The sun was shining on this little craft haven and myself and Sinead looked at each other, both knowing that if we owned this little paradise we'd never leave it !

Inside we found floor to ceiling storage full on craft supplies. 
We had serious craft room envy ! 

Firstly, as with any "girlie get-together", you begin with a beverage, no not the cocktails & wine, a little early for that...... unfortunately!
Coffee & homemade brownies were the perfect addition and although Geraldine's modest about her baking, her brownies were divine!

With all these craft goodies surrounding us where do we start ?

Today Geraldine was going to give us a little introduction to beaded crochet.
Myself and Sinead both have modest crochet skills, we can hook up a hat or blanket but both have loads of enthusiasm to learn more....

We started with a simple technique that can be used for bracelets or necklaces.
Once she started to show us how beads can be used, we soon realised that you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to crochet & beads.

Beaded crochet can be used in so many ways not only in making jewellery, it can be incorporated into hats, scarves, bags, let your imagination run wild!

Geraldine has a lovely laid-back way of teaching and with her large range of expertise, she has so much she can pass on to others.
Among those skills include hand and machine embroidery, crochet, patchwork, beading, jewellery making, papercraft and crazy quilting.

She first started crafting at the tender age of four!! when her aunt taught her to embroider on her wedding dress.
This is one of her early creations
Would you believe she taught her first class at the age of 10! She was drafted in to save her teachers bacon when the inspector was doing the rounds. This inspector liked the girls to know a bit of embroidery so Ger stepped up to the mark when the teacher couldn't. Go Ger!!

Among her favourite crafts are crochet and embroidery but if there was only 1 set of supplies she bring to a desert island it would be her crazy quilting supplies.

For those of you not familiar with crazy quilting .....
Wikipedia will tell you this
but I think a picture explains better and this is one of Geraldine's favourite makes.
I think we can agree these are stunning pieces of work.
Personally I've fallen in love with this beautiful craft.

With her fountain of knowledge we are delighted that Geraldine has plans to start some workshops in her studio which will cover
  • Crochet 
  • Bead Crochet
  • Christmas Decoration making
  • Crochet flowers
  • Card making
These wonderful workshops, starting the end of September, will be free of charge with a kit available to purchase on the day.

The purpose of the workshops will be
  • to learn new skills / techniques
  • problem solving - if your stuck on a project, bring it along to get some help
  • if there's certain patterns or items you'd like to learn 

For more information pop over to Little Snippets Craft Supplies on facebook where you will find more of Geraldine's wonderful items for sale and up to date information 
Or pop in her Etsy Shop for a browse through her unique custom made craft, sewing and scrapbooking embellishments.

We would like to give Geraldine a HUGE thank you !
We had such a lovely morning and could quite easily have stayed all day long crafting and chatting.
Gillian & Sinead

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