Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rico Fashion Summer Band Yarn Review

This is a chunky weight cotton yarn.
It feels a bit odd calling it a yarn but that's what it is, Band yarn!
It actually lies flat like tape so it sits very tidy holding its shape quite easily. I was quite surprised at how quick it knits up. Its so smooth to use and light weight, knits up great, very fast and is so versatile.

half way through

What I made
chosen shade
I knit a scarf with the shade on the right which actually sold before I got the final photo of the finished piece but you get the idea. I kind of made up the pattern as I went along but basically did a dropstitch. The scarf was knit in about 2 hours!

I also made an Infinity necklace (see left picture) which was made in a matter of minutes! My 11 year old daughter is now making them. They are so easy to make and go with anything. I love wearing it especially when its too warm for a regular scarf. I'm a big scarf fan, I hate having a cold neck!

I love this yarn!
There are gorgeous colours, lovely summer shades and there is also a print range. 
I recently purchased 2 balls of the turquoise at a bargain price of €1.99 each and am only sorry I didn't get more.

You should shop around as they are usually around the €3.99 mark. 

To see more shades click here
I'm in the middle of another infinity necklace and also have plans to either knit a throw or a blanket. I haven't made up my mind of which colour I'll choose yet though. The texture and flatness would be ideal for a throw... so soft and cosy.

I'm definitely loving this brand at the moment
Rico all the way !

Your Craftiness 
Sinead x

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