Thursday, 29 August 2013

Crafting meet up at Guidcentral

Last weekend Crafty Craft Fairs met up in Guidecentral HQ Dublin with Etsy Ireland and My Craft Portal .
Other various crafters attended to gain valuable information on the crafting industry in Ireland.

Etsy have a huge following in Ireland and it was great to hear a detailed analysis of how an Etsy store works.
 It is a crafters haven! I didn't realise how easy it was to set up and run an Etsy shop !.
They also have a great support team to help out crafters with their shop.
 It was very interesting listening to their presentation and a great opportunity to hear it all first hand. Francesca gave a great run through of every aspect with details about how important using the right description and tags are.Also providing top tips on how run a shop successfully. I will definitely be setting up my own shop with them..

My Craft Portal is fairly new to the on line craft scene. James gave a great talk which explained in detail its functionality. Another great source for crafters to sell their products . It provides an new, exciting opportunity for crafters, artists in Ireland to sell their products to customers directly. They also have an events section which we will adding our craft fairs to.

Guidecentral have been a great outlet for crafters to date. Their guidecentral app has really taken off in the last year. Think of it as a mix of  Pinterest, YouTube and crafting tutorials. You follow a step by step photo guide to create your item. Personally i love this as I'm not really a big fan of tutorials on YouTube , i spend more time pausing and rewinding ! 
Check out one of our guides.Crafty Craft Fair guide on how to make this cake topper.

I did a craft demonstration myself on paper flower bouquets.
 I don't think anyone noticed when i glued my foot to the floor !!!

Overall it was a great morning bringing crafting communities together. A competition was held between the crafters that were doing guides during the morning. with two worthy winners, Geraldine of  Little Snippets and Lauren from Papervine winning. Prizes were kindly donated by Etsy Ireland ! 

There is a great sense of community within crafters, no competition or jealousy , everyone just gets on with their own craft. I like others love learning new techniques and crafts so it was great to see different ideas on the day.

Another successful day at Guidecentral, I hope there will be many more !

Sinead xx

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