Monday, 2 September 2013

Clever Craft Room Organising

So who has a craft room that is 100% organised? 

  • You know where everything is.
  • You have your fabrics or yarns colour coordinated
  • Your spools of thread are neat and tidy
  • Your paper is neatly stacked
  • Paint and brushes clean and tidy 
Well you are not alone!

Sometimes with enthusiastic creativity comes a little bit of creative mess. I'm sure you have all had moments where you decide "ok its time to get my creative space organised"!. You'll spend a day or 2 sorting and arranging and think "yes I vow to keep it this way" Then within a week its starting to look a bit chaotic again.
I think we may have to except that it comes with the territory.
Don't we all have a head packed full of ideas we want to do and a mountain of half finished projects !

None the less we will continue to try to find clever storage ideas and tips to make our creative lives a little less chaotic!

Here are a few ideas I've found around the web that some of you might be able to adapt to your craft room/space.....  myself its a craft "area" what I wouldn't give for my own craft room !! Dare I dream?

I love this clever idea of using magazine holders for yarn storage 

label your storage boxes to make finding things a little easier 

One word - Ikea! 

you can never have enough jars for storing your buttons and beads

simple and cute 

I love this thread storage idea 

And here are some beautiful craft rooms I've found online that will give you all serious 
C.R.E (Craft Room Envy !!)

I'm right aren't I, the little green eyed monster has popped out 

Don't worry you are not alone ! 

Gillian xx

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