Thursday, 26 September 2013

We love Autumn

I have to admit if you were to ask me what my favourite season was I always have to say Summer! I'm a bit of a sun worshipper and love the warms days and balmy nights...... although you might argue they are few and far between here in the Emerald isle! Don't spoil my illusion! We were spoilt this year with a fabulous summer so I'm sticking with the memories .......

BUT following very closely behind is Autumn or Fall as they say in the USA!
What do you think of when this time of year comes round?
I love the beautiful rich colours in nature that Autumn brings. The rich browns, rusty reds, oranges and yellows! 

I start to think about cosy hats, scarfs and gloves in warm chunky yarns, fleece socks and fur lined boots.
So with those colours in mind I've been searching around for you to 
find Autumn themed crafty stuff ! 

Autumn or "Fall" wreaths seems to be a very american trend but I, for one, love them! 
The stunning colours are so inviting and rustic, whether they're made from nature with leaves branches & twigs or created with the wonderful array of fabrics, felts or other craft supplies

So I thought I'd do my own version and show you just how easy it is to make a rustic autumn wreath
firstly I picked up a polystyrene wreath base in Inspiring Ideas in Blanchardstown for €2.50

I think hessain or burlap has a lovely autumn rustic feel to it, so I cut it into strips and started to wrap it around the wreath frame. I secured it with hot glue but I'm sure maybe mod podge might work too.

trim off if you feel theres too many stray fibres but the frayed edges give it a great look.
So next thing it to decorate!
let you imagination run riot!
Think dried flowers, fallen autumn leaves, burlap flowers, felt roses, beads etc
It can be as simple or as extravagant as you like!

This is my version, It took me about 20 minutes !!!

To make the easy burlap and felt flowers see previous post for the fascinator here

We'd love to see your versions
why not post to our facebook page here or email and 
we'd love to share your lovely Autumn makes !!

Gillian xxx

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