Sunday, 8 September 2013

A day at the races - Fascinator Tutorial

Every now and again most of us are lucky enough to have a special occasion to go to, a wedding, the races etc
So in this wonderful handmade and upcycling world we are living in, its never been easier to have or should I say make a stylish fascinator to match your special outfit.

This weekend I had a day at the races to go to. Leopardstown Racecourse to be precise. The Red Mills Irish Champion Stakes day to be even more precise !

So I had my dress!
All I need is something for the hair and I'm away ......

Now I happened to be a sewer so that also means I have a fabric stash.

So I started with a simple fabric rose 
Cut a strip of fabric to your desired length, this depends on the size of the flower you want..... mine was 34inchs

you have 2 options:

  • cut 3inch width, fold length ways and sew along edge 
  • turn inside out
  • iron flat 
This will give a smooth hemmed edge

you can cut a length of fabric and leave the edges raw to give a rustic slightly frayed edge

At one end fold in and fix with glue (I used my trustee glue gun) 
Start twisting the fabric outwards fixing with glue as you wrap around the edge

tuck in the end 

fix some felt to the back 

Gather your accessories: flowers, beads, lace, hairband, feathers 
arrange them and fix to a felt base 
glue to you hairband 

cover with another piece of felt 

Another option is to add your flowers to a comb. I covered this with a piece of matching fabric to create a larger base 

So I had 2 options that cost me next to nothing 

I hope that you like my little tutorial. You're individual style and personality will reflect in your choice of colours, fabrics, beads etc so you can guarantee you'll have a unique hair accessory 

And so myself, my mum Pauline and my good friend Edwina headed off. 
We had a couple of winners....... and some losers !

The style was outstanding! Its always lovely to see the amazing effort put in from those hoping to win Best Dressed Lady & Best Dressed Man. 

Although the weather wasn't great ..... in fact it was pretty bad, 
we had a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Gillian xx

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